Adding a new contract

Creating new Contracts is easier than ever with Prokuria. Contracts Module creates increased functionality for you and your team as you build and manage Contracts.

The first step is to first go to the Contracts on Top Menu. From here, you will be bought to the “Contracts list” page. 

To begin creating your New Contract, look to the top right of your screen, and click “Create contract”. 

The Contract page in Prokuria comprises 4 sections: Summary, Internal info, Attachments, and Comments.

Summary section

The Contract Summary section of your New Contract is where classifying key details of your Contract will be housed. Here, you will enter the Contract name, Notes, Supplier, Status, Contact, Start/End dates, Initial terms, Renewal term, and Notice period. 

Internal info

In this section, you can select the status of the contract (Active, Inactive, or Draft), choose a project, and write tags. You can choose the owner of the contract and choose the team. 

The last two fields, “Last updated by” and “Last updated on”, will be filled in automatically when the contract is edited.


Descriptive files of the contracts like additional information or scans of the contracts.


In this section, you can leave comments regarding the contract or other details. 

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