Contracts overview

Prokuria offers a single centralized repository for your Contracts.

The Contracts Module is where you can start creating new Contracts! Much like creating a new Project or Request, you can add start/end dates, and assign milestones.

To begin, click “Contracts” on Top Menu. 

From here, you will be directed to the “Contracts overview” page.

The Contract page contains the following columns: 

  • Supplier: The name of the supplier counterparty for the contract;
  • Contract ID: Is a unique code of the contracts generated by Prokuria;
  • Name: The name of the contract;
  • Start date: The date on which the contract begins;
  • End date: The date on which the contract ends;
  • Status: This column shows the contract status. The status can be: draft, active, inactive;
  • Owner: The user responsible to monitor the contract.


At the top of your page, you will notice that there is a search bar prompting you to Search. Here, you can run a full-text search to examine every text field in the Contracts overview, including names, suppliers, and status. Simply type in the term you are looking for.


There is also the ability to use additional filters to each column using the Filter icon, allowing you to further refine your search. Filters can be applied to all fields in the Contracts list.

To begin, click on the Filter icon next to a column.  From here, a dropdown menu will appear. This is where you will select the criteria. 

Once you have selected the filters that you would like to use, click OK.


All columns can be sorted. To apply the sort function, click the column name. An arrow appears next to the name. If it is directed upwards, it means that sorting will be made in ascending order. If it is directed downwards, it means that the sorting will be in descending order.


Contracts can be grouped by supplier, owner, or status. To begin, click on “No grouping”. From here, a dropdown menu will appear. You can select the criteria. Once you have made a choice, the contracts will be grouped accordingly. 

Are you stuck somewhere? Don’t worry, we’re here for you. Drop us a mail at and we’ll get back to you.