Adding comments is a useful way to record additional detail about a respective entity (supplier, event, query, contract, etc), and collaborate with team members. Comments are shown in the Comments section of each page. 

This article will cover 

  • How to add a comment
  • How to reply to a comment

Adding a comment

To begin, start by clicking the “+add comment” button which will open a text box where you can type in your message, and add images or links. 

You can draw a colleague’s attention to the comment by using mentions.

To mention someone using autocomplete, type ‘@’ in the editor then start typing their name. Choose the person you want to mention from the list of suggestions. Prokuria will suggest people you’ve mentioned previously (including yourself).

Mentions (often known as @mentions) are a useful way of drawing someone’s attention to a page or comment or assigning a task to them. When you mention another user, they’ll receive a notification by email.

The comment section also offers the possibility of attaching a file to your comment. 

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