Working with multiple tabs for items

If you have an RFQ with a large number of items you can try doing multiple tabs. This will help you and the supplier to have better visibility of the RFQ and fill in easier the information required. Also, it allows you to ask for different information as each tab can have different templates. In this article, we will cover how to work with multiple tabs on the “Items” section from RFQ events.

To enable Multi-tabs, navigate to the Items section. 

Click on the 3 points on the right side of the Items section. Click “Activate multi tabs”.

Once the button is pressed, the first Tab will appear.

For more tabs, click “+ add new tab”

You can rename tabs by clicking the edit icon.

If you need to delete a tab, click the Delete icon. The tab will only be deleted if it does not contain any items. 

If it contains items, the Delete icon will not be visible.

Bulk actions

If you want to move an item from one tab to another, all you have to do is press the “Bulk actions” button. 

Select one or more items, then click “move”

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