Create Reverse Auction per Total_New interface

The Total per Auction prioritizes the macro perspective, emphasizing overall totals in quotations, starting price, and minimum increment.
Like any event, the reverse auction is created as part of the Event page using the “Create event” button in the upper-right area.

Add event modal appears. You must add the project where you want the event to be created. Then click “Save”

Each auction in Prokuria contains 4 sections: General info, Attachments, Settings, Suppliers, and Items.

General info: To get started, add the name of the reverse auction and describe what you want to purchase. Additionally, you have the option to include any relevant files that suppliers may need to understand the scope and details of the bidding opportunity. These files can encompass various formats such as images, charts, tables, blueprints, or any other supporting materials necessary for suppliers to make accurate and informed offers.

Settings:  in this section, you can choose a start date, end date, currency, budget, cost center, starting price, minimum step, etc.

Suppliers: the email addresses of the suppliers invited to the event are entered. They can be new or existing ones in the supplier module. There is also the option to select the language in which emails are sent to providers.

Items: the list of items and/or services for which the offers are intended. The information about them is organized in columns displayed dynamically.

Section 3: Settings

Check: Auction per total

Cool-down period: it is the period expressed in minutes by the user, placed at the end of the auction, within which any change to the best suppliers leads to an extension of the auction deadline by the same

Show best bid to suppliers: if checked, all participating suppliers will see the value of the best bid you received. However, they will not know the name of the supplier with the best bid.

Show rank to suppliers: if checked, the supplier can see its position versus other participants.

Show starting price: if checked, fill in the Starting price field and suppliers will not be able to place a higher bid than this

Total starting price: the total starting price (sum of all items and quantities) that you will accept

Minimum step: minimum bid difference: consecutive Total bid (sum of all items and quantities) from one supplier must have this minimum difference

Currency: the currency of the event

Rounding: the number of decimals for Bids related fields

Allow multi-currency: multi-currency

Allow adjustment factor: adjustment factor

Section 4: Suppliers

Section 4: Items