Project roles and permissions

You won’t want every user in your team to have the same level of access in Prokuria. For example, you may want to restrict who can administer Projects, or prevent users from viewing a project. In this article, you will learn about the different permissions in Prokuria and set permissions for a new project.

Roles & Permissions section overview

This section allows viewing and setting to which users have access to the project as well as what their permissions are. You can see and change a user’s permission by clicking the 3 dots button next to their role and click the “Edit” option.

Super Admin users are added by default to all the Projects and cannot be removed. 

Adding users

By clicking the “add user” button, a new page opens where you can select a user from your company and assign him/her a role as well as customized permissions to the project. 

There are 3 types of roles:

  1. Project Admin – they have access everywhere, in the selected project; You will see that all their permissions will be set to ‘Yes’
  2. Approver – this user can approve Requisitions in the selected project.
    • an approver either has no limits and is able to approve any requisitions or ;
    • a threshold amount is set and the approver is able to approve the requisitions below the threshold. 
  3. Default user owner for events – for all new events this user will be assigned automatically as the owner.  If there is no default user owner, then the user creating the event is assigned as the owner of the event. Before publishing an event the owner can be changed to any other user with permission on the project.

Assign permissions

You can limit the access a user has by selecting one of the options from the dropdown menu: 

  1. Yes – has full rights on selected module/ page/ section
  2. No access – no rights on selected module/ page/ section
  3. View only – has view-only rights on selected module/ page/ section

After setting the role and permissions of the user, click “Save & close” and you can see the newly added user in the table. 

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