Project settings

Each project in Prokuria contains a Settings Tab which allows users to customize their projects as well as make them more easily identifiable. 


In this section, you can see and edit the details of the project. These include:

  • Project name  – the name of the project;
  • Info – short description of the project or any information necessary for the project;
  • Currency – default currency for the project (events can have other currencies as well, but this one will be the default one);
  • Approvals required – the number of users who need to approve a requisition within the project;
  • Project status – current status of the project; this can be Active, if the project has ongoing events, or Complete if the project has ended;
  • Project picture – select a picture or icon representing the project. This will make your project easy to identify;
  • Project code – a unique code that identifies the project; 
  • Business unit –  Select a business unit for the project; business units can be defined in the account settings page;
  • Department – select the department which owns the project;
  • Location – select location;
  • Region – select region.

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