Create a Purchase order (PO)

With Prokuria you can customize your own PO forms, define the catalogs of products or services and define your own approval flows. We know that each company is different and each one is using its own fields and terminology!

By using Prokuria as your PO software you have access to an interactive PO, which is one of the most used features here. Interactive PO means that suppliers can add extra details or edit some of the fields displayed on the PO page. For example, suppliers can add their own comments about the PO, the payment terms, or about the invoice.

Adding a new PO

Select the PO module that you can find on the top menu and click the “Add PO” button, on the top right corner of the page. A new PO page will open.

How to fill in the details of a PO

A PO’s page has 6 sections.

1. Summary

Click “Edit”, and then you need to fill in the following fields:

  • Name: name of PO
  • Status: will be automatically set as “Draft” when first creating the PO
  • Created by: automatically added by the system, as the user who created the PO –  this field is not editable  
  • Owner: you can assign another user (team member or from other departments)  to be responsible for the OP
  • Supplier: here you can select the supplier/company to which the PO will be sent
  • Contact: here you can select the contact person for the supplier selected in the previous step. This selected contact person will be the one to receive by email the PO 

2. Additional fields

This is a special section dedicated to extra fields that can be added to the PO. Each company is different and each one is using its own fields and terminology. Please contact us, and we can easily help to add extra fields or rename the existing ones. In this simple PO example, we have added two additional fields: Delivery date and Payment terms.

3. PO Items

This is the section where you can add items to the PO.

There are 3 ways to add items: 

  1.  Add the items one by one, by clicking the “+add” button
  2. Add the items using the import via excel functionality. This will allow you to quickly add multiple items to the PO. Click the “+add from file” button and you can start your import by downloading the template spreadsheet. Once you have all the data populated into excel, simply upload the file back into Prokuria
  3. Add items from your Catalog of items that you have created in Prokuria. For this option, please contact us, and we can easily help to set up an Items Catalog.

4. Audit log

This log records all the stakeholders’ and suppliers’ actions on the PO.

For example, the Audit log shows the time and date when the PO was created, when it was sent to the supplier, and when the supplier read the PO.


You can start an internal thread with other users. The comment section will not be available to the suppliers. All you have to do is tag one of the users and write the message. The other user will receive an email notifying him that he is mentioned in a comment.

6. Attachments

In this section, you can attach descriptive files of the PO like additional information. 

Sending the PO to suppliers & Approval flows

For finalizing the PO, you might probably need to have some approval flows for your POs.

In Prokuria you can customize your own PO forms, define the catalogs of products or services and define your own approval flows: for example, you can define the number of approvers or add a threshold amount for each approver. Everything is up to you and your company’s workflow. For setting up approval flows, please contact us.

After the PO has been completed/approved, it can be sent to the supplier by pressing the “Send PO to supplier” button. Suppliers selected in the PO will receive an e-mail notification. Next, all the supplier needs to do is to click on this view PO button from the invitation emails, and he will be redirected to the PO page.

Are you stuck somewhere? Don’t worry, we’re here for you. Drop us an email at and we’ll get back to you.