Conditioned Questions

What is questionnaire skip logic?

Conditioned questions are used to let respondents skip one or more questions and jump to a different question. The skip logic is executed based on their response to a previous question. You can use this feature to control the questionnaire flow and display relevant questions. You can define conditioned questions to create a custom path for each respondent, depending on the answer to a specific question. Conditioned questions create “intelligent” RFQs, so the respondents can answer only those questions that apply to them based on their responses to screening questions.

For example, a supplier can be asked if they deliver in a certain country. If the answer to the question is yes, a follow-up question about what cities from that country they can deliver to.

How does the conditioned question work?

You can decide if a question will appear or will be hidden based on the answer of a previous question which is single or multiple choice. Hence it is essential to decide the flow of questions within the questionnaire beforehand and then apply the show/hide logic as per the requirement.

Let’s take the above example: a supplier can be asked if they deliver in France. If the answer to the question is “yes”, a follow-up question about what cities from that country they can deliver to, and they can choose between Paris and Lyon.

Let’s take another example where we will hide a question: A supplier is asked if they have certifications or not. If the answer is “no” then the follow-up question which asks the supplier to choose from a list of certifications (Certification A; Certifications B; Certification C), is going to be set to No.

Advantages of Conditional Questions

  • Lesser questionnaire completion time: A supplier only sees relevant questions, so the time spent completing the questionnaire reduces drastically.
  • Consistent questionnaire flow: Using conditional questions adds structure to the RFP/ RFQ and gives a consistent experience to the supplier.
  • Lesser questionnaire dropout rate: The questionnaire dropout rate is very high when the respondent feels like the questions aren’t relevant to them. With a conditioned questionnaire configured based on the previous question, the software will skip the irrelevant question, and jump to the next relevant question.
  • Accurate data: Relevant questionnaire responses increase the accuracy of the data and generate reports that can be trusted.

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