Publish RFQ

Once all the required fields have been completed, an RFQ can be published to the suppliers by clicking on the “Publish event” button. 

The application thus goes into the ‘Active’ status, and the suppliers receive an email inviting them to participate.

Within it is a link to a private page where they can provide their quotations which can be sent until the event deadline expires.

When an RFQ is in the “Active” status, the following elements become active in the interface:

  • Pause – once this button is pressed, the event is paused;
  • Change end time – you can change the date and time when the event ends;
  • Compare responses – suppliers’ responses can be compared. 

Pause button – If the event is paused, suppliers can not do any changes to their responses. They can still access the response page but not edit anything. 

Suppliers can be notified that the event is in “Pause” status, with a banner with a standard message or a customized message appearing.

Resume button – Once the event is modified, it can be resumed. There are the following options:

What do you want to do to with supplier answers?

1. Move all responses of suppliers back to draft

2. Don’t move all responses of suppliers back to draft

Do you want to notify to suppliers?

1. Show an alert banner to the supplier

2. Don’t show an alert banner to suppliers

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