RFQ- Monitor Suppliers’ Responses

When an RFQ has been published, new buttons will appear on the application page – Compare responses, Change end time, and Pause.

In the “Suppliers” section you can see in real-time the statuses of all the invited suppliers to the sourcing event.

Moreover, on the right side of each supplier, you have a contextual menu that will show new actions for each supplier: 

  • View response – opens a page with the complete info regarding the supplier’s most recent response
  • Send message – you can send a direct message to the supplier
  • Resend invitation – once clicked, the system will re-send the invitation email for the event to the supplier
  • Invitation email analytics – will show the log of the email sending
  • Send email – you can send an email to the supplier
  • Change language – you can change the language in which the system will send further notifications to that respective supplier
  • Remove supplier – once clicked, the supplier will be removed from the events, and he will no longer be able to send his response

Multiple statuses for the suppliers. Prokuria will automatically notify the buyer via email each time a supplier switches response statuses.

Compare responses

The “Compare responses” button opens a page with all the answers in detail at the item level, displaying prices, questions, and attached documents within 2 separate tabs: Compare bids and Compare responses. 

In the “Compare bids” tab, you can export all bids in an excel document by clicking the “Export all data” button. 

In the “Compare responses” tab, there is the possibility to export an excel document by clicking the “Export all data” button or “Export all attachments”. 

Show marked to suppliers

When the deadline for receiving the answers is reached, a request automatically passes into the ‘Ended’ status. Suppliers are notified about it via email and they can no longer send new offers.

In lieu of this, Prokuria sends a notification to them, 24 hours before the deadline of the event in order to give them a reminder and enough time to place their final quotation.

The user can compare the aforementioned answers in detail and can mark the first option. This option is strictly visible to the user but there is a possibility that each supplier knows for which item it was marked using the “Show marked to suppliers” button.

If the “Show marked to suppliers” button is turned on, a new “Marked” column will appear on the Supplier page in the Items section. Each supplier will see in real-time what items are marked for him.

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