What Buyers Can Do While An RFQ Is Active

This article covers what buyers can do while an RFQ is still Active. 

1. Add new suppliers

The first thing that you can do is add more suppliers from the Suppliers section. You can click the “+add” button. 

You can choose one or more providers that you want to add to the already active event. Once added they received an email invitation. 

2. Send messages to suppliers

Another thing that buyers can do is send messages to the suppliers to clarify any kind of thread from the Message center.

3. Change the end time

If you want to change the end time of the event, he can click on the “Change end time” button.

After that, the suppliers will be notified via email of the new end time.

4. Pause/Resume an RFQ

During an active event, you have the functionality of Pause in the event. When the event is in Pause status, suppliers can no longer edit their responses.

You can choose two options: 

  • Show alert banner to the supplier (you can choose to display his banner announcing that the event is Paused)
  • Don’t show an alert banner to suppliers 

When the event is Paused, information can be modified/added in the following sections:

-> General information section: the event name and description can be changed

-> Documents: documents or links can be added. They can also be deleted

-> Settings section: in this section, you can change the end date of the event, currency, owner, budget, and cost center

-> Suppliers section: you can also add new suppliers when the event is Paused

-> Items section: new items can be added or changes can be made to existing items

-> Questions section: new questions can be added or changes can be made to existing questions

After making the changes, you can resume the event by clicking the “Resume” button. 

You can move all suppliers’ responses in draft or don’t move all suppliers’ responses in draft. 

You can also choose to show an alert banner to the supplier or don’t show an alert banner to the supplier. 

The default alert message can be changed with a new message in which the suppliers can be notified of changes in the event.

If you need to make any changes to the event, is no need to cancel the event and start a new one. 

Are you stuck somewhere? Don’t worry, we’re here for you. Drop us a mail at support@prokuria.com and we’ll get back to you.