Create a Requisition

One of the many benefits of Requisitions is that it allows you to empower your business partners, colleagues, or  Stakeholders to plan and create their own Sourcing Requests.  Users in business units across the organization can use Requisition to initiate sourcing projects and loop in sourcing and procurement teams for help at the appropriate stage.  

Using Requisition also allows you to standardize the way your Business submits and executes internal requests.

In this article, we are going to walk through how a user creates a Requisition.

1. Adding a new Requisition

You can start creating a Requisition from two places:

1. Select the Requisition module that you can find on the top menu and click the “Create requisition” button, on the top right corner of the page. From that, a modal opens where you must select a project and click “Next”.

2. You can also create a requisition from within a project. In the Requisitions section, click the “add requisition” button.

2. How to fill in the details of a Requisition

A Requisition’s page has 6 sections.

1. Summary

 Here you need to add a Name and a Category for your requisition. Categories are set at the project level. Under Requester, you can choose the user that is requesting this.

2. Next steps

The second section is about the next steps. In this case, we have a requisition that requires approval, therefore you can see who are the approvers set for this project.

3. Items

Under this section, you can find all the items you are requesting. You can also add new items by clicking on “Add item”.

The next three settings are about internal collaboration.

4. Documents attached

In this section, you can attach documents. 


Here you can add a comment for one of your colleagues.

Once you mention a colleague 

6. Link To

You can link a requisition to another entity. For example, we are linking a requisition to a contract.

For more details please check our Internal Collaboration section.

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