Monitor Suppliers’ Responses and end the Reverse Auction

When a reverse auction has been published, a new section will appear on the application page – RESPONSES. 

Begin to respond to the reverse, this is visible and can be used to monitor their quotations in real time.

In the “Responses” tab you can see all the bids made by the suppliers.

The “View” button next to each provider opens a page with complete information regarding their most recent offer.

In the “Suppliers” tab you can see all the providers grouped according to their response status.

Furthermore, Prokuria will notify the buyer via email each time a supplier switches response statuses.

The “Compare Responses” button opens up a new page with real-time information tracking, containing a log of all the bids made, a side-by-side bid comparison of the most recent ones from each attending supplier as well as a comprehensive bid chart.

Real-Time Bids:

Compare bids:

Bids Chart:

Closing the Request and Selecting one or more winners

When the deadline for receiving the bids is reached, a reverse auction automatically passes into the ‘Ended’ status. Suppliers are notified about it via email and they can no longer send new bids. In lieu of this, Prokuria sends a notification to them, 24 hours before the deadline of the event in order to give them a reminder and enough time to place their final offers.

The user can compare the aforementioned answers in detail and can mark the first option. This option is visible strictly to the user; the suppliers are not notified and cannot see the user’s choices in any way.

Having selected one or more winners, the buyer can now go on and close the event.

Selected & Unselected supplier

When the event is in “Ended” status, you can send an email to both the winning and the non-winning suppliers. All you have to do is select the winning suppliers and click “Send email”. 

Go to “Compare responses”. 

Once the event is closed, the “Send emails” button becomes inactive.

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