Import suppliers

In this article, we will cover how to import suppliers by using excel. In Prokuria, we refer to suppliers as companies and contacts as contact persons/email addresses.

Importing contact email addresses in Prokuria is a separate step that follows the same process as uploading suppliers. After uploading suppliers, you can use the Contacts menu to import their contact email addresses.

Uploading your suppliers is quick and easy, but ensuring that you have a clean and appropriately formatted Spreadsheet is the key. Please note that Prokuria accepts only Excel files with a maximum size of 20 GB, only one sheet, and a header row.

Define your supplier’s category

Most companies use categories to organize their suppliers. If you would like to add categories for your suppliers as well, make sure you first created those categories into Prokuria, from the Account Settings section->Properties->Items & suppliers categories. Click and check our article on Account settings.
If this is not the case, then you can move to the next step. 

Prepare the Spreadsheet

To import you can use Prokuria’s template or any spreadsheet you already have.  

A. Using Prokuria’s template

The first step to import your suppliers is to first gather all the information into a properly formatted spreadsheet.

Follow the steps below to prepare the spreadsheet:

1. Access the Supplier Directory to download the template spreadsheet.  Click “Suppliers” from the top menu and next click on the 3 dots from the right side of the page. Choose: “Import with excel”. 

2. Click “Download template spreadsheet” and open the newly downloaded excel file on your computer.

3. Fill in the template spreadsheet: there are multiple available fields in the template. Mandatory columns for having a basic supplier database: Name and Status


Name – fill in the name of the company

Country – choose one of the countries from the dropdown

Category –  if you have already created the Categories into Prokuria (from the Account settings section->Properties->Items & suppliers categories) then just type the category name. For multiple categories, use the symbol “;” to separate the categories. 

Status – choose one of the statuses from the dropdown

Populate the spreadsheet and then return into Prokuria and upload the file.

B. Using any spreadsheet to upload suppliers

File requirements: 

  • Have only one sheet.
  • Contain fewer than 5.000 rows and 50 columns.
  • Be smaller than 20MB.
  • Include a header row in which each column header corresponds to a property in Prokuria. 

When using your own excel, ensure that for the columns corresponding to a dropdown field in Prokuria, you type the exact value as it was added to the platform.

Example of dropdown fields for a supplier:



Category – Type the category name into excel exactly how it was added into Prokuria. For a supplier with more than one category, use the symbol “;” to add multiple categories. Additionally on how to create your own supplier’s category click and check our article on Account settings

Populate the spreadsheet and then return to Prokuria and upload the file.

Upload the template spreadsheet or your own excel file

After your data is ready for import, it will take a couple of clicks to import it into Prokuria.

Go into the “Import with excel” page and Click Upload file. 

Click “Upload file” and choose the template spreadsheet or your own excel file. Next, the column header should be mapped to a field corresponding to Prokuria. 

Anything the system hasn’t automatically mapped can be manually mapped to a property from the dropdown. Note that a column that is not mapped will not be imported into Prokuria.

Further, click the “add items” button, and the data will be imported into the Supplier directory.

Update existing records through a file upload.

If you need to update existing records in Prokuria, you can do that by uploading a file that contains ID field exported from Prokuria.

1. To access the Supplier Directory, simply click “Suppliers” from Top Menu. Click on the 3 dots on the right side of the pages and then click Import with excel.

2. Check the “Update existing records using ID field exported from Prokuria” box if you exported data from Prokuria and now want to update that data with this import. ID field is used to identify which records should be updated.

3. Click “Download existing records”. A file will be downloaded with all existing suppliers. The information can be updated.

4. After updating the information, all you have to do is click Upload file and choose the file. Each column header below should be mapped to a field in Prokuria. 

Are you stuck somewhere? Don’t worry, we’re here for you. Drop us a mail at and we’ll get back to you.