Supplier Segmentation

Supplier Segmentation is a functionality in Prokuria that allows you to assign a status, segment, and risk level to a Supplier within the Supplier Directory. In this article, we will cover what each category is in the Supplier Segmentation and how to assign different values.

Step 1: Navigate to Supplier Directory

Click Suppliers on the top menu:

Step 2: Navigate to a supplier that you want to edit:

Step 3: Categorize the Supplier

In order to start categorizing your suppliers, you need to work with the Internal Info section.

Click Edit in order to Enter editing mode.

Now that we are in editing mode we can begin categorizing this Supplier.

Notice that there are 8 fields:

  • Status – Mark if a supplier is a draft, active or inactive. Only active suppliers can be invited to participate in your sourcing events
  • Category – A supplier can have multiple categories.  You can change or add new categories from account settings
  • Segment – A supplier can have only one segment.  You can change or add new segments from account settings
  • Risk – A supplier can have only one risk classification. You can change or add new classifications from account settings
  • Tags – A supplier can have multiple tags, that are common throughout the entire application. You can change or add new tags inline
  • External ID – External ID is a field that can be used for keeping the ID of the supplier from other systems like ERP or P2P systems
  • Owner – The Owner of the supplier is usually the user that is responsible of the relationship with the respective supplier, but also the user that needs to maintain the accuracy of the information. Usually, this user will receive notifications and reminders
  • Last updated by – The person who last updated
  • Last updated on – The date when the last update was done

Then, click Save. The Internal Info section should look like this: 

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