Once all the required fields have been completed, a request can be published to the suppliers by clicking on the 'PUBLISH REQUEST' button. 

The application thus goes into the 'Active' status, and the suppliers receive an email inviting them to participate.

Within it is a link to a private page where they can provide their quotations which can be sent until the event deadline expires.

When a request is in the "Active" status, the following elements become active in the interface:

Once the Buyer clicks the “Edit” button, the following sections and fields within the request page can be changed:

  • “Documents” field - the “Add new document” button reappears
  • “Items” field - the “Add new item” button reappears
  • “Questions” field  - the “Add new question” button reappears. For existing questions, the “Edit” and “Delete” option reappear
  • “Publish Changes” button - when clicked, the request will be changed with the new details added by the Buyer and a notification email will be sent to all invited Suppliers. Be careful!  When the Buyer clicks this button, all responses already submitted by Suppliers will be removed from the request page. Suppliers will still be able to access their response, but they will need to resubmit a new answer.
  • “Cancel” button - cancels the changes made by the Buyer

  • Remove Suppliers (this can be done outside of the edit mode within the "Responses" section in the "Suppliers" tab )

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