Company Settings help you adjust the details of your Company account. 

Access Company Settings:

1. Clicking your profile photo from the top bar and selecting Company Settings from the drop-down menu

The Company Settings page has 6 sections: 

1. Company info;

2. Branding;

3. Settings; 

4. Supplier scoring; 

5. Properties;

6. User & Licences;

7. Teams;

8. Teams allocation.

1. Company Profile

From this section, you can: 

  • Add company name;
  • Add country;
  • Add city; 
  • Add address;
  • Add Website. 

All I have to do is click the "edit" button to fill in the fields, then click "Save". 

The “Company name"  field is mandatory.

2. Branding 

From this section, you can: 

  • Add company logo; 
  • Choose accent color; 
  • Add general phone number;
  • Add a general email. 

3. Settings

From this section, you can choose the main currency for your account. 

4. Properties

Here you can define different properties for the following fields:

  • Suppliers categories 
  • Budget categories
  • Business unit
  • Risk
  • Segment

5. Templates

Here you can create a template for items that you can use in events.

5. Supplier scoring 

Here you can define the scoring matrix you wan to use for your suppliers

7. Users & Licences 

Here, you can manage your licenses and users. You have the following actions:

  • Add/delete users;
  • Deactivate/activate users
  • Set user rights at the account level; 
  • You can see the licenses assigned to the account and the unassigned licenses;
  • You can set the role of users.

You can request a license. Click "+request license". A new modal opens and you can write as many licenses as you want. 

After submitting the request, a Prokuria consultant will contact you shortly.

8. Teams

Here, you can add teams. 

9. Teams allocation

You can assign account users to a created team.


Are you stuck somewhere? Don't worry, we're here for you. Drop us a mail at and we'll get back to you.