The Message Center is the home for communicating with suppliers: a place where questions can be submitted by suppliers, and answers and other messages can be shared by the Sourcing team. 

This article will cover how the Message Center allows you to answer to messages sent by the Suppliers on an Event.  

Once you receive a message from a supplier, you can open and answer it in five simple steps:

1. Go to the Queries page;

2. Click on the Subject of the query you want to reply to;

3. The page for the specific Query appears; on the left side of the page you can see a Summary of its details and on the right, the Messages with supplier column;


4. Click on the "Add comment" button to enter your message response or attach any necessary documents;

5. Click the "Save" button and the comment will be sent to the supplier. They will receive a notification email with a link to the query.

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