The last section in the Project page contains the Project budget section,

With Prokuria, you can track the budget of the project, but even more than that you can split this project in different categories or budget lines and track everything in a more granular way.

In this article you will learn how to edit the budget details.

Setting the total project budget 

The budget for the whole project can be set from the total project budget field, after clicking on the "edit" button. 

The default currency will be the one selected in the project settings. Fill in your desired sum and click "Save".

Buffer is the difference between the total budget of the project and the sum of all the categories budget.

As we don't have any category yet defined, the Buffer is the entire budget.

Adding categories

A project budget can be split into different categories, each having a separate budget. You can add new categories to your project by clicking on "add budget category" (at the bottom of the section) which will open a modal widow. Select an existing category from the dropdown menu, fill in the budget field and click save. 


If the category you are looking for is not in the list, click on "Add new" button which will take you to your aAccount settings page. Here, under the Properties section set your budget categories. Click on "add" and enter the category name you require. You can then return to the Project and continue with the same steps as for existing categories.

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