We build, operate, and scale our software using the best tools for the job.

Tech Infrastructure

  • Cloud-based infrastructure, deployed in the Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Fully scalable infrastructure with automatic scaling   
  • Database redundancy, and geo-replication with automatic backups
  • Service-oriented architecture
  • Powerful API for seamless integrations

Tech Security

The Security team is responsible for keeping Prokuria and our customers secure. This includes finding and remediating vulnerabilities in Prokuria or our Azure infrastructure, detecting and containing adversarial activity, and responding to security incidents. 

Our security infrastructure is based on the latest standard:

  • SSL certificates for all communication between Prokuria’s components, including data transfer between client and Prokuria.
  • Oauth 2.0 bearer tokens authentication. Every request handled by the API must bear the authentication token. Tokens cannot be altered, so it’s impossible to impersonate or to access sensitive information from Prokuria without a generated token.
  • Prokuria benefits from all Microsoft Azure Security features, such as Denial of Service (in case of brute force attacks), Firewalls, Flooding.
  • Secured database inside Microsoft Azure. Can only be accessed by the API and the Logic App. No external users have access to the database. 
  • Database encryption, so in case of data theft, the data is unusable.

Data residency

Prokuria is using the Microsoft Azure data center. 

Datacenter Region: North Europe

Location: Ireland

Microsoft secures data using multiple layers of security and encryption protocols. Get an overview of Microsoft data security capabilities here.

By default, Microsoft Managed Keys protects customer data that persists on any physical media is always encrypted using FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption protocols.

All data traffic moving between datacenters is also protected using IEEE 802.1AE MAC Security Standards, preventing physical "man-in-the-middle" attacks.

Additionally, to minimize privacy risk, Microsoft generates "pseudonymous identifiers" that enables Microsoft to offer a world-class 24x7 cloud service (including operating and improving services, billing, and fraud protection). In all cases, pseudonymous identifiers cannot be used to directly identify an individual, and access to the customer data that identifies individuals is always protected as described above.

All Azure services are used in compliance with the GDPR.

More information on Azure Data residency can be found here.