Save your team time and confusion by linking an entity to another one and also leave a short note.

This is particularly useful when working on a larger project and you need to link for example:

  • two suppliers as main contractor and subcontractor
  • a requisition to an event
  • a series of events to a contract 
  • query to a contract 

Add a new link

In this example we linked a requisition to a contract. This can be done by going to the Requisitions page, selecting the desired requisition, and clicking "add link" in the Link to section. Select the associated entity from the dropdown menu, add a short description, and click "Save".

Links are always two-way (i.e., if event A is associated to contract B, contract B is also associated to event A). For example, the link added above will also be visible in the Link to section on the contract's page:

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