Whether Prokuria is your first procurement software or you’re moving from another system, importing helps you create records and update your database. Import files are spreadsheets of data used to organize your business’ relationships and processes. Before you start importing, review the relevant Prokuria terms and requirements for your import files.


Prokuria entity: a type of a relationship or process that your business has, such as contacts, suppliers, contracts, items, etc. When importing in Prokuria, you are importing of series of records of a certain dataset corresponding to an entity.

Record: an individual instance of an entity (e.g “Tom Smith” is a contact record). Each row of your file represents one record. 

Field: a field created to store information about your records. In an import, fields will match up with your file’s column headers.

Map columns: a step in the import process, when you will be prompted to match the column headers in your file to Prokuriaproperties.

Error report: an excel file with all the rows that were not imported in Prokuria. The file will be generated and downloaded automatically to your computer if there are rows that encountered issues and could not be imported. At the end of each row you will find a detailed message with the issue encountered on that specific row.

Usually, this happens because the fields permit certain values only or certain formats.

A simple example is importing contracts and for the field status, Prokuria will accept only the values 'active' or 'inactive'. In the excel file, the status for a certain contract is 'rejected', therefore the respective contract will not be imported and will be in the Error report excel file.


In this example, the entity being imported is contacts. Each row represents a contact record, and each column of information represents a contact field or property(First Name, Last Name, Email Address).


During the import process, you will map columns to Prokuria fields (First Name column to the First Name Prokuria property, Last name to Lastname, Email Address to Email).

Import requirement

File requirements

All files being imported into Prokuria must be:

  • A .csv, .xlsx, or .xls file.
  • Have only one sheet.
  • Contain fewer than 5.000 rows and 50 columns.
  • Be smaller than 20MB.
  • Include a header row in which each column header corresponds to a property in Prokuria. 
  • Be UTF-8 encoded if foreign language characters are included.

Property requirements

Depending on the entity you are importing, some fields are mandatory in Prokuria. So  your file must include the following columns:

Contacts:  Email 

Companies: Name Status 

Contracs: Name, Status 

Items: Name, Status 

Custom entity: Name  

Depending on the property field type, there are specific formatting requirements and only certain values accepted.

MAke sure you check the possible values for the respective fields. This is particularly important for fieds of type dropdowns and multiple choice.