Email template – Notice to suppliers of tendering through Prokuria

Communication is the key to all successful business interactions. Before starting to use Prokuria in your daily sourcing activities, you would want to announce your suppliers of any changes

It’s usually very useful to reach out to them first via your regular email address and let them know that you’re about to use Prokuria and invite them. This helps, as suppliers recognize your email address and understand what is expected from them. 

We’ve put together a customizable email template that you can send to your suppliers to introduce them to Prokuria.

Just follow the instructions below: 

  1. Copy the text in the template below. 
  2. Make sure to fill in and double-check bolded text for accuracy. You can also remove anything that isn’t pertinent to your suppliers and organization. 
  3. Further, customize the email to your preference and add any additional information about why you are sending this email to them and what everyone will gain from Prokuria. 
  4. Send the email and answer any questions your suppliers might have 

Dear partners,

Effective on [date], our organization will initiate electronic sourcing processes through the Prokuria platform (

Prokuria is an online platform that enables companies to organize sourcing events with suppliers, in a structured manner; it accommodates events such as: request for information (RFI), request for quotation (RFQ), request for proposal (RFP), and Reverse, Forward or Dutch auctions. When launching such a sourcing event like a request or a reverse auction, your quotes and responses need to be sent via Prokuria.

The participants in such events (the suppliers) can use the Prokuria software without creating an account on the platform. Responses and price quotes will be sent by the invited partners through a secure and dedicated response page for each participant. Through the same page, suppliers can also submit queries, ask questions, clarifications, or send any kind of message to the buyer.

We believe that everybody will gain a significant amount of time and we will reduce operational risk and inefficiencies by starting using Prokuria.

Throughout the process of suppliers’ selection, collaboration, and/or communication, our organization will take into account only the information you provide directly in Prokuria.

[Closing greetings and your name]

We know the value of the time and effort put forth by Suppliers in the RFx process, and this email is just one of the many ways where a little bit of communication from your side, can go a long way!

Are you stuck somewhere? Don’t worry, we’re here for you. Drop us a mail at and we’ll get back to you.