Why Prokuria?

Prokuria is the easiest way for procurement teams to get immediate results when you need to run sourcing events and manage your suppliers in an efficient manner. 

So where does Prokuria fit in? 

If you are thinking of the procurement cycle, there are 7 stages: 

  1. Requisition 
  2. Strategic Sourcing 
  3. Contract Management 
  4. Purchase Request 
  5. Purchasing Payment 
  6. Spend Analysis 
  7. Supplier Management 

Your organization probably uses a few tools, usually as part of the ERPs, for the core operational part: purchasing & payment; spend analysis, but the rest is usually might be that is still in Excel sheets, and information is shared inefficiently via emails or presentations.

While some time ago only a handful of solutions dedicated specifically to procurement activities existed, procurement teams now have in front of them many more options from the new wave of technology. 

Prokuria is at the forefront of this new wave and can help you with all activities related to sourcing events and vendor management.

How is Prokuria positioned in the procurement tech market?

When looking for a new technical solution like eSourcing, it is easy to be enticed by traditional players with feature-rich sourcing platforms that come with high learning curves, lengthy training times and implementation, and on top unfriendly budgets. Prokuria is the opposite. We are focusing on usability and collaboration rather than extensive setups that you will not use in the end; flexibility, and fast implementation rather than hulking and slow technology.

So how can Prokuria be your command center for procurement?

Prokuria’s model is based on 3 main pillars: Sourcing events, Supplier management, and Purchasing flow. But we know that each company is different, therefore on top of this you can add internal collaboration features and No-code add-ons. 

In a nutshell, with Porkuria you will 4 main advantages:

1. Hyper-personalized solution

Exactly the way you want. Your process, and your flows, are digitalized in a couple of days.

2. Collaborative internally & with suppliers

Boost collaboration, alignment with stakeholders and suppliers, and increase speed of business.

3. Fast & Easy

No-code technology makes Prokuria easy to customize, fast to start, and intuitive to work with.

4. White labeling & Integrations

Brand your own platform and integrate it with your website, email, and IT ecosystem.

What are customers saying about Prokuria?

Don’t take our word for it. Here are a couple of our customers:

“Prokuria was easy to implement and use by both our procurement team and our vendors. The software helps us to successfully bring our suppliers online for requests and reverse auctions. We see it as a great tool to keep enhancing the performance of our suppliers. We also truly appreciate the support we are getting from Prokuria’s team, always agile and responsive to our needs.”

Mirela Moale, Procurement Manager, Indirect Materials 

“As Prokuria is cloud-based it was very helpful to us, especially during these times when the team absolutely needs to work remotely. With just an internet connection and a laptop, we can smoothly run our procurement events. The platform is really user-friendly, both for the buyers and suppliers. This is particularly important as buyers can use the platform without adding extra effort to the IT department. We really appreciate the prompt customer support and feel that we can really count on the Prokuria Team for our needs.”

Edgardo Diaz, IS Administrator

Prepa Networks

“We are happy to work with such a customer-focused company like Prokuria! We really appreciate your solution, how fast can be customized and implemented, always backed by kind and effective support!”

Cecilia Csépke, Sales Manager
ASG Gepgyarto KFT