Customer support & Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Support Service Description

The Prokuria Customer Success team is a core component of the way Prokuria operates.

All Customers that purchase and use Prokuria products and Services, receive Support from Prokuria’s experienced Customer Success teams.

The customer Success team provides advice and assistance with:

  • Requests related to:
    • User account and license permissions
    • product, features and usability
    • Service-specific requests that include Fees when applicable.
  • Inquiries – Inquiries, and questions regarding Prokuria products, services, and billing.
  • Incidents – The expected result did not occur or an error message occurred.
  • Enhancement Request – Suggestions related to Prokuria products and services
  • Complaints regarding Prokuria products and Services

Prokuria Customer Success processes and best practices are based upon ITIL process definitions.

Ticket validation and customer communication are done at the first line of support while 2nd line covers more technical requests.

 Prokuria Customer Success team can be contacted via the in-app form, website contact form, email (sent to, or phone.

Standard Support is provided in English. The Prokuria Customer support team consists of people with different language skills, however, the Customer acknowledges and agrees that Prokuria does not make any guarantee regarding such language-specific Support Services.

Service Level Agreement essential terms

This section describes the commitments of support delivery that Prokuria undertakes toward its Customers

Request Severity Classes

Prokuria will determine which class a Request belongs to and reserves the right to change the class at any time. Prioritization is done according to the following categories:

A critical incident (very high impact)• A customer-facing service, like Publishing events, is down for all customers
• Confidentiality or privacy is breached /Customer data loss
A major incident (significant impact)• A customer-facing service is unavailable for a subset of customers
• Core functionality (e.g. add new supplier, change status) is significantly impacted
A minor incident (low impact)• A minor inconvenience to customers, workaround available
• Usable performance degradation

Standard Response Time Targets

The following table describes the Response Time targets during business hours:

Type of incidentsResponse timeResolution time
Critical60 minutes24 hours
Major90 minutes48 hours
Minor24 hours7 days
All days24×7 for critical issues
Working days7 AM to 18:00 CET for major and minor issues

Contact phone for critical incidents: +40 724 011 885.