How do suppliers interact with the Purchase Order (PO)

This article goes step by step through the entire process of completing a PO. 

When a company uses Prokuria’s PO module, suppliers will have access to an interactive PO, which is one of the most used features for the PO. Interactive PO means that buyers can allow suppliers to add additional details or edit some of the fields displayed on the PO page.

1. Receiving an email notification

Suppliers can use Prokuria without creating an account on the platform.

When a Buyer decides to send a PO using Prokuria, the supplier will receive an email with a link to a secured page where they can review all the details of the PO.

2. View the details of the PO.

Once the invitation email is received, the supplier can click on the “View PO” button. The supplier is redirected to the PO page. 

When the PO page opens, the suppliers will see all the information regarding the PO. He will see the items that have been ordered. 

Depending on the settings enabled by the buyer, the supplier may be able to execute some changes or add a document to the PO. For example, the supplier may be able to attach the invoice or fill in certain extra information requested by the buyer.

All information or documents added by the supplier will be visible on the buyer’s page in real time.

3. Communicating with the buyer – Message center

If the supplier wants to send a message to the buyer, this is possible directly on the PO page, from the Message Center.

There are some simple steps for sending a message to the Buyer. 

  • Click the “Message center” button or click the orange “Messages” button on the right side of the page
  • Click “+add” 
  • A new page appears where you will be able to create a draft message, attach any necessary documents and send a message out to the buyer. 

Once the message has been sent, the buyer will be notified for receiving a message.

When the buyer replies to one of your messages, you will receive an email notification. 

The Buyer’s answer will appear in the comments thread.

If you have new unread messages, you will be notified by a red icon with the number of unread messages.

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