RFQ/RFI Notifications Guide

Email notifications serve as great reminders and alert Sourcing Teams about things happening in Prokuria. When running and managing Sourcing Events, email notifications will alert users when events are published, supplier bids are submitted & revised, reminders to users when deadlines are approaching or have been reached, and more. 

Below we’ve outlined what Prokuria users (supplier, sourcing manager, owner) will expect to see when email alerts are sent or received for each scenario listed in our guide.

Notification DescriptionRecipient
Invitation to participate in an RFQ/RFISupplier
The invitation was accepted Owner 
The invitation was rejectedOwner 
The RFQ was canceledSupplier
The end time has been changed for an RFQ/RFISupplier
The supplier answers and quotesOwner 
The supplier has retracted the response in an RFQ/RFIOwner 
The supplier was removed from an RFQ/RFISupplier
The RFQ/RFI will end in 24 hoursSupplier
The supplier reactivated the response for an RFQ/RFIOwner 
The RFQ/RFI was ended Supplier, Owner 
The RFQ/RFI was changed Supplier
New supplier messages were allocated to youOwner 
The user mentioned in an internal messageOwner 
 The supplier sent you a message related to an RFQ/RFIOwner
The sourcing manager sent you a message related to RFQ/RFISupplier

In addition to the notifications above, you can define your own email notification. Feature available under the premium plan.