Filter and Views

This article will guide you on how to create Views and how to use all filters. 


You can also use additional filters for each column using the Filter icon, allowing you to further refine your search. Filters can be applied to all fields in all modules.

To get started, click the Filter icon on the right side of the page. From here, an icon will appear for each column. Here you can write the criteria.


All columns can be sorted. To apply the sort function, click the column name. An arrow appears next to the name. If it is directed upwards, it means that sorting will be made in ascending order. If it is directed downwards, it means that the sorting will be in descending order.

Edit grid

To add other available columns to the list, all you have to do is click the “Edit Grid” icon.

Then check the “Available fields” table for the fields you want to add to the mode list.

Once you have selected it, click the Close button.

Manage new and existing views

As you filter your records or edit the grid by adding new columns, you can proceed to save the view that fits your need.  

To create a new view with certain active filters, sorted or grouped columns, click the “Save view” button, then choose the “Save as new” option. 

The Save view button will appear once you make at least one change to the main grid. 

To change the number of records displayed on the page, choose how many records to display then click “Save” or “Save view”.

Once the “Save as new” button is clicked, a new modal will appear. You must complete the following information:

Name: the name of the new view

Type: choose a type of view

  • System: this type of view can be seen by all users. It can only be deleted/modified by entitled users.
  • Public: this view can be viewed/deleted or modified by all users.
  • Private: this type can only be viewed/edited or deleted by the user who created this view.

To see a list of all saved views, click on the dropdown next to the module name. 

To edit or delete a view, hover over a view name and click the edit icon.

To pin a view, click on the dropdown next to the module name, then select the Pin icon. This view will be visible each time you navigate to the page.

To rate your preferred View, click on the dropdown next to the module name, then select the Star icon. Favorite views will have a yellow star icon. 

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